Our Team

  • Dr Tom Clutton-Brock

    Dr Tom Clutton-Brock

    Clinical Director / HTC Team

    Dr Tom Clutton Brock qualified in medicine from Bristol University in 1980. He went on to gain an MRCP and an FRCA. He has carried out research for the University of Birmingham and is internationally recognised as an expert in medical devices.

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  • Dr Daljeet Bansal

    Dr Daljeet Bansal

    HTC Team / Programme Manager

    Following completion of her PhD, Dr Bansal worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Spinal cord research. Dr Bansal has worked at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust since November 2011, and prior to this role facilitated the preparation of research grants across all clinical specialties.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Mark Foster

    Lieutenant Colonel Mark Foster

    HTC Team / Theme 2 Lead

    Current work Lt Col. Mark Foster is the theme 2 (Secondary Care) lead for Trauma Management HTC. He is a clinical research fellow for the Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma and the NIHR SRMRC. …

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  • Mr Tony Belli

    Mr Tony Belli

    HTC Team / Theme 1 Lead

    Mr Tony Belli graduated from Tor Vergata University in Rome in 1992 with a degree in Medicine and Surgery. He completed a doctoral degree (MD) on neurobiochemistry of brain ischaemia and reperfusion at Tor Vergata University and then moved to the UK in 1994.

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  • Professor Ann Logan

    Professor Ann Logan

    HTC Team / Theme 3 Lead

    Professor Ann Logan’s research interests centre on the role of cytokines and growth factors in the scarring and regeneration responses of the injured central nervous system (CNS). She is particularly interested in developing a strategy of gene therapy to promote functional repair and reconstruction of damaged neural pathways in the CNS.

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  • Dr Michael Grey

    Dr Michael Grey

    HTC Team / Theme 4 Lead

    Dr Grey obtained his PhD in Biomedical Science and Engineering from the Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Aalborg University, Denmark. Subsequently he has held research appointments at Aalborg University, University of Jyväskylä, Finland and, more recently, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark where he was cross-appointed in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences and the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology.

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